Refugee Law - Essential insight from a refugee lawyer!

Learning what the practice of refugee law is really like with Hart Kamiker.

With the increasing numbers of refugee claimants crossing into Canada via the US border, the topic of refugees has become extremely polarizing in our country. As we approach another election year, political divisiveness and rhetoric from all parties will continue to dominate the media. What we are left with is a lot of misinformation being spread that only exacerbates the confusion the average Canadian has regarding the refugee issue.

In this episode, Canadian immigration lawyer Hart Kaminker joined me to help shed some light on this topic and provide some great insight from a refugee lawyer perspective. Tune in to this episode and get rid of your pre-conceived ideas about refugees once and for all.

Hart Kaminker has extensive experience in all facets of Immigration and Citizenship law with focused knowledge in litigation, the processing of permanent and temporary applications, and reviewing decisions of...

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