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If you are tired of constantly scanning through online forms, Facebook pages and Whatsapp groups to find the information you need on Express Entry....stop wasting your time. Subscribe to Mark's Immigration Lawyer lead Express Entry DIY Course now.
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That is why we have created the platform where you can find all the necessary resources to complete your immigration application. Whether you're applying through Express Entry or you want to get an LMIA - this is the right place to look for help. Inside you will find comprehensive DIY courses, master classes, podcasts, blog posts, video tutorials, and many other resources helping you to navigate the complex Canadian immigration process.

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Join Mark Holthe and some of the top immigration minds in Canada in discussing the latest information on Canadian immigration law, policy and practice from a practical "how to" perspective.

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One promise I made to myself is that I wanted my clients to know who I really am. There is nothing more irritating to me than these nameless, faceless, websites offering Canadian immigration services without disclosing who will actually be preparing the applications.

In our world of hyper privacy, it has become almost a sin to share anything personal about yourself on a “professional website... Well, I do not subscribe to this philosophy. As such, I have shared in the link below a little bit about myself. Possibly a little bit more than my wife would want me to share; however, that’s just how I’m wired.

 Mark C. Holthe

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