Be prepared for the Canadian Health System

Jul 31, 2019

An essential primer for prospective immigrants and temporary residents with Jason Cummings.

People preparing to immigrate to Canada often have one or more of the following misconceptions about the Canadian healthcare system: “Medicare works the same across the country,” or  “Coverage is immediate upon arrival,” or “Emergency medical care is covered even if I have a waiting period”. In this episode, Jason Cummings joins me to debunk these common misconceptions and set the record straight for all newcomers to Canada.

These misconceptions can be costly to a newcomer.  For instance, each year tens of thousands of new residents of Canada settle in a Province or Territory that has a waiting period for public health coverage (Medicare).  During a Medicare waiting period, “un-insured residents” are responsible to pay for hospital and medical services, even in an emergency, and costs can be very high, even catastrophic.  The same risk can arise when a temporary resident loses Medicare eligibility due to the expiry of a work or study permit.

In this episode Canadian health insurance broker Jason Cummings, General Manager of David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd, joined me to help shed some light on what new permanent residents and temporary residents face when on-boarding into the “Canadian health...

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Refugee Law - Essential insight from a refugee lawyer!

Jul 31, 2019

Learning what the practice of refugee law is really like with Hart Kamiker.

With the increasing numbers of refugee claimants crossing into Canada via the US border, the topic of refugees has become extremely polarizing in our country. As we approach another election year, political divisiveness and rhetoric from all parties will continue to dominate the media. What we are left with is a lot of misinformation being spread that only exacerbates the confusion the average Canadian has regarding the refugee issue.

In this episode, Canadian immigration lawyer Hart Kaminker joined me to help shed some light on this topic and provide some great insight from a refugee lawyer perspective. Tune in to this episode and get rid of your pre-conceived ideas about refugees once and for all.

Hart Kaminker has extensive experience in all facets of Immigration and Citizenship law with focused knowledge in litigation, the processing of permanent and temporary applications, and reviewing decisions of Immigration tribunals and international visa officers.

Hart has represented clients before the Federal Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Appeal and all levels of the Immigration and Refugee Board including the Refugee Protection Division, the Refugee Appeal Division and the Immigration Appeal Division.

Hart is often called upon to speak at events for the Canadian Bar Association and other...

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What's new with Quebec Immigration

Jul 31, 2019

An update on the major changes to Quebec Immigration with Immigration Lawyer Genna Evelyn

Quebec has gone through some fairly significant changes to its immigration programs. If you want to know how these changes may impact on Quebec based work permits and immigration, you've come to the right place. Canadian Immigration Lawyer Genna Evelyn joined me to share some insight on some of the significant changes that have been launched and some fantastic employment opportunities that exist for foreign nationals destined for Quebec.


Ms. Evelyn has a Bachelor’s of Law from the University of New Brunswick and a Masters of Law from Université Laval with a research focus on immigration law. She offers services in both her English and French and is a member of both the Barreau du Québec and the Law Society of Ontario.

In addition to practicing immigration law privately, Ms. Evelyn also runs an Immigration Legal Clinic in Saint-Georges which provides free consultations to immigrants and others living in the region looking for help with their immigration procedures.

In this episode Genna shared insight on the following Quebec immigration programs:

  1. Quebec Foreign Worker Program
  2. Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  3. Quebec Experience Program
  4. Entrepreneur / Investor Program

In this Episode, Genna also shared some great news that her region in Quebec is seriously...

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Pot Legalization and Cross Border Travel

Jul 31, 2019

What you must know about the legalization of Pot in Canada and Cross border Travel with Immigration Lawyer Henry Chang

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada on October 17, 2018, there continues to exist tremendous confusion on how this will impact Canadian marijuana users traveling to the US and American's coming to Canada for a little "marijuana tourism". The issue is complex for individuals but downright maddening for multinational companies sending employees back and forth across the Canada/US border on a daily basis.

In this episode, I was joined by Canadian and US Immigration Attorney Henry Chang who shared some great advice on the real dangers that exist for users of marijuana seeking to travel cross border between Canada and the US and some great tips for employees of Canadian marijuana companies traveling to the US.

Henry Chang, a partner with the law firm of Blaney McMurtry in Toronto, Ontario, has always been a great resource for anything related to cross border immigration. As an immigration lawyer/attorney licensed to practice immigration law on both sides of the border, he was the perfect choice to join me on this Episode to explore the hidden dangers and pitfalls that the legalization of pot in Canada has created for Canadians and Americans crossing the Canada/US border.

Henry is a member of the Law Society of Ontario and the State Bar...

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