133: AAIP Tourism and Hospitality Stream

Welcome to Episode 133 of the Canadian Immigration Podcast, where we dive into the newly announced Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) Tourism and Hospitality Stream. Host Alicia Backman-Beharry and guest Igor Kyryliuk discuss the implications of this new stream and provide valuable tips for potential applicants.

[NOTE: As of the release of this episode, the AAIP has confirmed the first phase of the program is now closed. If filled extremely fast, but the AAIP will open future opportunities under this program as soon as the existing applications have been processed. It will be important to monitor the AAIP website carefully so that you are ready when the program opens once again. https://www.alberta.ca/tourism-and-hospitality-stream ] 

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of the Tourism and Hospitality Stream: Alberta has announced a new stream under its PNP, targeting individuals working in the tourism and hospitality sector. This stream is set to launch on March 1, 2024, and is expected to have a limited number of spots available.
  • Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for this stream, applicants must have been working for a tourism and hospitality business for at least six months and meet criteria to establish themselves in Alberta permanently. Additionally, they must have a valid full-time, non-seasonal job offer from an approved employer operating within the appropriate industry.
  • Preparation Tips: Applicants should start collecting documents related to their work experience, such as reference letters from employers, pay stubs, T4 slips, and proof of funds. It's also crucial to ensure that their job falls under one of the 18 targeted National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes and that they meet the wage requirements for their occupation.
  • Intent to Reside and Ability to Settle: Applicants should gather evidence to demonstrate their ties to Alberta, such as a lease agreement, driver's license, or connections to family members in the province. This will help prove their intent to reside and ability to settle in Alberta.

Important Tips for Applicants:

  1. Create an Alberta.ca Account: Ensure you have a basic, unverified alberta.ca account ready for when the stream launches.
  2. Understand Your NOC and Wage: Make sure your job matches one of the eligible NOC codes and that you meet the wage requirements.
  3. Gather Proof of Employment and Job Offer: Collect documents to prove your past employment and obtain a job offer from an Alberta employer in the tourism and hospitality sector.
  4. Prove Intent to Reside and Ability to Settle: Show your ties to Alberta and your commitment to living in the province.
  5. Tell the Truth: Always be honest in your application and ensure consistency with previous applications to avoid misrepresentation.


The new Alberta PNP Tourism and Hospitality Stream offers a promising opportunity for individuals working in this sector to establish themselves permanently in Alberta. By following the tips provided in this episode and preparing thoroughly, applicants can increase their chances of success in this competitive landscape.

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