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Express Entry Accelerator

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One-of-a-kind online immigration lawyer-guided course designed to make your Express Entry process as effortless as possible while giving you the tools you need to ensure your application gets approved the first time

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So, what this Course is all about?

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Have You Ever Wondered...

Can you submit the Express Entry application without retaining a lawyer or a consultant? If yes, then how do you make sure you avoid common mistakes and get your application approved the first time? 

Well, the good news is - yes, typically, you do not need to hire a representative to prepare your Express Entry application. In fact, IRCC makes the application process seem easy and straightforward. However, just like with any immigration application, many complications can arise in the course of preparing your application for Permanent Residence. With IRCC's "One-touch Policy" even a single minor mistake can lead to a refusal and you may lose your chance of immigration to Canada forever. This is the risk that we want you to avoid at all costs!

For this reason, we've created the Express Entry Accelerator course—to teach you all you need to know about the Express Entry process and help you avoid common mistakes while preparing your application. Our ultimate goal is to make you as knowledgeable about Express Entry as any other representative.

This Express Entry Accelerator, designed and taught by a Canadian Immigration Lawyer, Mark Holthe, will walk you step-by-step through the Express Entry process. From assessing your eligibility to creating a profile and, eventually, submitting your eAPR. With our templates, sample documents, checklists, NOC selection tool and other worksheets, you will be on the right track in preparing your application and becoming a pro in the Express Entry process.

I bet you're wondering...

What's Included

Guided Step-by-Step Video Lessons

Over 10 hours of video lessons with everything you need to know about the Express Entry process - from creating a Profile to submitting your eAPR.

Bi-weekly Masterclass Sessions

Attend our bi-weekly & member-only LIVE Masterclass sessions to ask your questions and interact with Canadian Immigration Lawyer, Mark Holthe.

Sample Documents & Templates

Need a template for your Letter of Explanation, sample Reference Letters or Gift Deed, or any other templates for your eAPR? We have you covered.

You should take this course if...

  • You want to submit your own Express Entry application OR if you're an Immigration Consultant and want to advance your knowledge
  • You're not willing to spend thousands of dollars for a representative and want to Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • You want to master the topic and retain full control of your application
  • Need just a little guidance on how to prepare your application from an Immigration Lawyer


Three things you will love about this Course


Masterclass sessions

Connect with Mark Holthe and other fellow subscribers to the Express Entry Accelerator for bi-weekly 2-hour LIVE Masterclass sessions. This is the perfect place to ask your questions and seek clarifications about Express Entry.


CPD accreditation with CICC

That's right - the Course is accredited for 5 CPD hours with CICC. If you're an Immigration Consultant you can claim this Express Entry Accelerator towards your CPD requirements.
Click here for the instructions on how to claim CPD activities.


Lifetime Access & Updates

Express Entry program changes every once in a while. Once you subscribe to the Express Entry Accelerator you will get lifetime access to the materials and any updates. 

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Meet the Instructor

Mark Holthe

Canadian Immigration Lawyer & ex-immigration officer

One promise I made to myself is that I wanted my clients to know who I really am. There is nothing more irritating to me than these nameless, faceless, websites offering Canadian immigration services without disclosing who will actually be preparing the applications.

In our world of hyper privacy, it has become almost a sin to share anything personal about yourself on a “professional website... Well, I do not subscribe to this philosophy. As such, I have shared in the link below a little bit about myself. Possibly a little bit more than my wife would want me to share; however, that’s just how I’m wired.

Learn More About Me →

What others have to say

“Best value for money...”

“I was hesitant in investing in this course as l had completed 80% of my eAPR and I thought I could take my time and get through it BUT I must let the world know this course was the best value for money! I now realise I had not understood everything and was doing a few things incorrectly which could have been detrimental. Thanks Mark and to everyone in my group as the group share was
an added bonus.”

~ Phillippa Thompson

“Worth a lot more …”

“This course is worth a lot more than 400$... I would have needed to book 10 consults to ask all the questions I had. Some questions emerge as you listen to others. So definitely recommend this course while it is available...”

~ George Kozma

“Definitely recommend …”

Thank you so much Mark! I was a bit skeptical to pay for this course because my immigration situation is really straightforward and simple but taking your course shed a light on things that I didn't know I should be careful about, it gave me the tools to strengthen my application, and I even learned new ways of getting my PR! Definitely recommended!!”

~ German Alvarez

What is taught in the Express Entry Accelerator?

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Full Course

$347 USD

Best Value

  • 10+ hours of video lessons 
  • Bi-weekly Masterclass sessions
  • NOC Selection Tool
  • Letter of Explanation Template
  • Database of sample Work Reference Letters
  • Sample documents and worksheets
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Express Entry Profile

$147 USD

Get started with the Express Entry Profile. Upgrade later.

  • Learn about eligibility for Express Entry
  • Step-by-step tutorial on creating and submitting your Profile
  • Upgrade to the full course once you receive an ITA

We recommend that you calculate your CRS score before you enroll.
Use the CRS calculator above.



$315 CAD

Speak to a lawyer about your Express Entry application.

  • Connect for a 30-minute consultation with a Canadian Immigration Lawyer
  • All consults are done with Holthe Immigration Law
  • You may choose to retain HIL to assist with reviewing your application after your intial consultation.
Speak to a lawyer
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Love It or We'll Refund You 100%

We have absolutely no doubt - you will love this Course and the Masterclass that comes with it.

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