Study Permit Course

This Study Permit Course is a one-of-a-kind online video guide prepared by a Canadian Immigration Lawyer, Mark Holthe, and is full of video tutorials, checklists, templates, and sample documents - all designed to make your Study Permit application process as effortless as possible while giving you the tools you need to ensure your application gets approved the first time.


In this course you will learn:


⚪  When should you apply for a Study Permit

⚪  How to prepare your application forms

⚪  How to organize your supporting documents 

⚪  How to write a compelling Letter of Intent

⚪  How to apply through Student Direct Stream

⚪  How to avoid common Study Permit mistakes

⚪  How to prepare your Letters of Explanation to maximize your chance of success, and so much more...

Step-by-step guide through the whole process

This Course is truly the fastest and easiest way of filing your own Study Permit application...period. It is full of video tutorials, checklists, templates, and even sample documents all designed to make your application preparation journey as effortless as possible while giving you the tools you need to ensure you avoid the mistakes that cost people their chance of studying and immigrating to Canada. 

CPD Credit through CICC available for RCIC Consultants

*CPD Accredited with CICC (5 CPD hours)

The Canadian Immigration Institute submitted the Study Permit Course for CPD approval with CICC. If you are a regulated immigration consultant you will be able to claim CPD credits upon subscribing to the Course. 

Perfect for Individual Applicants and Immigration Consultants

You don't have to have prior exposure to immigration law to take this Course. It is designed to help international students prepare their own Study Permit applications. The course is also helpful to Regulated Immigration Consultants who want to improve their knowledge about Study Permit applications and best practices. 

Study Permit Course


You should take the Study Permit Course if...


✅  You want to submit your own Study Permit application OR if you're a Regulated Immigration Consultant and want to advance your knowledge about Study Permits 

✅  You're not willing to spend thousands of dollars for a representative and you want to Do It Yourself (DIY)

✅  You want to master the topic and retain full control of your Study Permit application

✅  You want to join a community of other international students or immigration consultants 

✅  You need just a little guidance on how to prepare your application from an Immigration Lawyer

You shouldn't take this Course if...


❌ You want a representative to prepare an application and submit it for you  

❌ You're willing to spend thousands of dollars and relinquish control of your application to a representative

😉  But honestly... there is really no good reason why you shouldn't take this course.