Spousal Sponsorship Course

This course will teach you all you need to know to prepare and submit your Canadian Spousal Sponsorship application right the first time. We'll cover everything, starting from the basics, and then teach you how to fill out the immigration application forms, prepare and organize your supporting documents, and share tips and strategies to minimize the chance of getting your application refused.


In this course you will learn:


⚪   When to file inside versus outside Canada  
⚪   How to properly complete the application forms
⚪   How to prepare supporting documents that work 
⚪   The most common mistakes and how to avoid them
⚪   Tips, strategies, and best practices from Canadian Immigration Lawyer Mark Holthe 

From learning the basics to mailing your application

This course covers the full cycle from preparing your forms and gathering your documents to compiling and submitting your application. You'll learn best practices and have access to our template letters of explanation, checklists and sample documents to ensure nothing is missing from your application. 

Perfect for Individual Applicants and Immigration Consultants

You don't have to have prior exposure to immigration law to take this Course. It is designed to help anyone to prepare their Spousal Sponsorship application.

The course is a great learning resource for Immigration Consultants who want to elevate their practice by learning from Mark Holthe.

Structure of the Course

✨ Over 340 minutes of Premium Content prepared by Canadian Immigration Lawyer Mark Holthe
Module 1 - Learning the basics of Spousal Sponsorship

🔴  Introduction
🔴  Learning the basics
🔴  Excluded Relationships
🔴  Family Class vs SCLP
🔴  Paper vs Online application

Module 2 - Preparing your forms

🔴  IMM 5533 - Document Checklist
🔴  IMM 1344 - Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking
🔴  IMM 1283 - Financial Evaluation
🔴  IMM 0008 - Generic Application Form
🔴  IMM 5562 - Supplementary Info Travel History
🔴  IMM 5406 - Additional Family Info
🔴  IMM 5669 - Schedule A / Background Declaration
🔴  IMM 5532 - Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation

Module 3 - Gathering your documents

🔴  Intro to guides and documents instructions
🔴  Preparing your Letter of Explanation
🔴  Status in Canada
🔴  Previous relationships
🔴  Employment / Source of income
🔴  Identity and travel documents / Passports
🔴  Civil status documents
🔴  Additional information about children
🔴  Police clearance certificates
🔴  Photos
🔴  Medical examination documents
🔴  Proof of relationship to sponsor

Module 4 - Compiling and submitting your application

🔴  Signing and dating your application forms
🔴  Paying your application fees
🔴  Compiling your application package
🔴  Mailing your application package

Spousal Sponsorship Course

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