CIP 142: The PNP Battle for PR in Canada - From Temporary to Tenuous

Episode Number: 142 - The PNP Battle for PR in Canada - From Temporary to Tenuous


  • Host: Mark Holthe
  • Co-Host: Alicia Backman-Beharry
  • Overview of the episode: Discussing the intensifying challenges within provincial nominee programs (PNPs) across Canada and how they impact temporary residents and foreign workers seeking permanent residency.

Key Topics Discussed:

  1. Recent Changes in PNPs:

    • Alicia shares insights from the National Immigration CBA Conference in Montreal.
    • Discussion on the rising CRS scores and their impact on the pressure on PNPs.
    • Overview of provincial nominee programs compared to federal economic immigration programs.
  2. Challenges in Provincial Nominee Programs:

    • Detailed breakdown of Express Entry-linked streams and the multi-stage application process.
    • Challenges of achieving provincial nomination and its benefits.
    • The reality of PNP limitations and the marketing myths around easy access to nominations.
  3. Labour Market and Provincial Needs:

    • Importance of aligning with provincial labour market needs.
    • Strategies for potential immigrants considering moving to less competitive provinces.
    • Highlighting the recent federal measure to support skilled temporary workers in Manitoba, including a potential new policy for extending work permits.
  4. Discussion on Systemic Issues and Potential Solutions:

    • Exploration of how provinces manage nomination quotas and processing times.
    • Potential future reforms in PNPs and federal collaboration to address backlogs and labour market needs.
    • Legal considerations and advice for navigating the complex PNP landscape.
  5. Concluding Thoughts:

    • Recap of the challenges faced by temporary residents in securing permanent residency through PNPs.
    • Advice for listeners on dealing with the competitive nature of PNPs and planning for potential changes in immigration policy.

Resources Mentioned: