139: Making Sense of Filipino TFW Exit Visa Requirements with Lou Janssen Dangzalan

Title: Making Sense of the Filipino Temporary Foreign Worker Exit Visa Requirements

Introduction: Welcome back to another episode of the Canadian Immigration Podcast. Today, we delve into one of the most complex aspects of immigration for Filipino workers—the exit visa requirements. This episode, which is also available as a vodcast on our Canadian Immigration Institute YouTube channel, features a special guest, Canadian Immigration Lawyer Lou Janssen Dangzalan.

Key Highlights:

  1. Introduction of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW):

    • Lou explains the recent establishment of the DMW in the Philippines, which now handles the affairs of Filipinos working abroad. This department evolved from the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency, centralizing services under one department.
  2. Understanding Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs):

    • Discussion on the concept of OFWs, their importance to the Philippine economy, and the legal framework that defines and governs their employment abroad.
  3. Exit Visa Requirements:

    • A comprehensive overview of the Philippine government's requirements for Filipinos working overseas, including the necessity for exit clearances and how these regulations impact both workers and their foreign employers.
  4. Direct Hiring Ban and Exemptions:

    • Insight into the Philippine Labor Code’s stipulations against direct hiring by foreign employers and the specific exemptions that allow for direct recruitment under certain conditions.
  5. Enforcement Mechanisms:

    • Lou discusses how the Philippine government enforces compliance with employment regulations for OFWs, including blacklisting non-compliant employers and recruitment agencies.
  6. Implications for Employers and Workers:

    • Practical advice for both employers and Filipino workers on navigating the complexities of compliance to ensure smooth and legal employment practices.

Conclusion: This episode sheds light on the critical but often misunderstood regulations affecting Filipino workers abroad. Understanding these rules is essential for ensuring compliance and avoiding legal pitfalls in the recruitment and employment of OFWs.

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Labor Code of the Philippines: (Art.18. Ban on direct-hiring): https://www.ilo.org/dyn/travail/docs/1131/Labor%20Code%20of%20the%20Philippines%20-%20DOLE.pdf

Book a consult with Lou Janssen Dangzalan: https://www.ljd-law.ca/consultation

DMW Advisory 09/2024 - Documentation of Filipinos as OFWs under Canada’s Immigration Programs/Systems: https://dmw.gov.ph/resources/dsms/DMW/ISN-EXT/2024/DMW-ADVISORY-09-2024.pdf