122: Business Immigration Series: Canada Free Trade Agreements - TOP 10 Things to Remember

In episode 122 of the Canadian Immigration Podcast, the focus is on the top 10 crucial considerations when bringing an employee under a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Mark Holthe, the seasoned immigration lawyer hosting the episode, expertly explores these key points and questions that can make or break an international hiring process. From examining the reciprocal relationships outlined in the FTA with the employee's country of origin to determining whether the FTA applies exclusively to citizens or extends to permanent residents, the episode offers essential guidance for employers and applicants alike. Further, the podcast delves into issues like bringing dependents, admissibility checks, work permit caps and extensions, and the importance of long-term planning. Business visitors' regulations under the FTA, coverage of technicians and trades employees, and the list of professionals eligible under the FTA are also thoroughly dissected, making this episode a valuable resource for navigating the complexities of international employment through Free Trade Agreements.

Top 10 things to remember when bringing an employee under a Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

  1. Reciprocal relationships (check the FTA with the employee’s country of origin)
  2. Check if the FTA is available to Permanent residents or only to citizens of the signatory country
  3. Bringing the employee’s spouse or children - check if the FTA facilitates entry for the dependents
  4. Screen the applicants and their dependents for admissibility (criminal and medical, security, misrepresentation, etc.)
  5. Check the caps, number, and duration of the work permits under the FTA
  6. Extensions - can you extend the Work Permit? 
  7. Make a long-term plan. Do you have a strategy to transition the employee to another Work Permit?
  8. Business visitors - does the FTA modify the regulations? Do you even need a Work Permit application under the FTA?
  9. Does the FTA cover Technicians and Trade employees?
  10. Professionals category - check the list of professionals under the FTA. Is it a positive list or a negative list?

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