103: Meet the Holthe Immigration Law Team and Impossible Trivia

This is a very special episode of the Canadian Immigration Podcast. This time we gathered together as a team to discuss recent developments in the Canadian Immigration Law world and to play our very first Trivia (naming it "The Impossible Trivia" would be more appropriate in this case). 

Listen to this episode to learn more about all of our team members (Mark, Alicia, Chanelle, Cedric, Prem, and Igor), and join us for the Trivia game. We hope you'll have lots of fun guessing the answers, and learning new stuff about Canada.

Feel free to send us your questions for the next Trivia game by emailing [email protected].

Here is the list of the questions we've discussed during this episode:

1. Question: The northernmost settlement in Canada is located approximately 3900 km north of Calgary, in Nunavut. It is located in the Arctic circle and other than polar bears and Canadian Forces station there is really not much going on.

However, when you google this location in Google Maps and zoom in you’ll find something weird – there are two institutions that you would never expect to see in such a remote area. Name at least one of them….

2. Question: In what year did First Nations peoples win the right to vote in federal elections without losing their status or treaty rights?


3. Question: We have a loon featured on a $1 coin, a polar bear featured on a $2 coin. What is featured on a Canadian dime?


4. Question: A breed of which animal was recognized as an official symbol of Canada in 2002? And yes, it’s not a beaver…


5. Question: How many National Parks and National Park Reserves does Canada currently have?

6. Question: What popular Canadian snack food was invented in 1949 by a Quebec businessman named Archibald?

7. Question: What is the name of Canada's longest river, which runs 4,241 kilometers from the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia to the Arctic Ocean in Nunavut?

8. Question: Which Canadian city was once known as "Bytown" in honor of the British explorer who founded it before being renamed?

9. Question: The answer to this question can be found in our blog post from June 23, 2022. With the rollout of the new TEER system, how many new occupations became eligible for Express Entry?

10. Question: This one also comes from our blog on holthelaw.com website. So, recently we’ve shared the Federal Court decision where the Court confirmed that IRCC must consider documents updated by webform or explain why not. What is the legal citation for this case?






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