098: Top 6 Takeaways from Fraser's Strategy to Expand Transitions to PR

Yes, there is a lot of fluff in the Strategy to Expand Transitions to Permanent Residence and it’s mostly a rehashing of what has already been said. Yes, for the most part, the Minister intends to either expand or adjust the existing pathways for temporary foreign workers and international student graduates seeking pathways to PR in Canada.

No, we don’t know for sure if he will be creating a new program for PGWP holders, similar to the 2021 TR to PR Pathway, or whether he will simply adjust the existing CRS criteria of Express Entry. However, if you take the time to read carefully, …and read between the lines, you will find there are a few things you had better pay close attention to because…it wasn’t all fluff!

Here is my TOP 6 List of Key Takeaways from the Minister’s Plan:

1. Work experience in key sectors will be increasingly important

2. Job offers from Canadian employers will be much more plentiful and essential

3. Express Entry is opening its doors to low-skilled work experience in Canada

4. Rural Canada is on the rise

5. French language ability has never been more important

6. International students must be strategic about where they are studying in Canada

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