079: Is the IELTS really better than the CELPIP Test?

Episode #79

Are you frustrated with your language scores? Have you considered writing both language tests? If you want to improve your scores, you have to listen to this episode with professional language instructor Garret Lim. He shares the real goods on what makes the IELTS different than the CELPIP. You can decide which one is better.

In this episode, Garret Lim shared some great insight into exactly what the CELPIP and IELTS tests cover. By knowing the differences between the two tests, you can make the right choice as to which is going to allow you to score the highest. After all, your entire future in Canada depends upon it.

Garret Lim is a career ESL teacher that has spent over 13 years teaching English as a second language. He has taught in 3 countries and has had students from over 30 different countries. Recently, he's narrowed his focus a bit and is now specializing in test preparation for people wanting to immigrate to Canada who need to reach a certain proficiency band on one of the tests.   It goes without saying that your Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) is an aspect of your application that can really make or break it.   Here is what is covered in this episode:
  1. Why English is so important with respect to your Express Entry
  2. What the CLB is and what it represents
  3. How the CLB is measured.
  4. Differences between the CELPIP and the IELTS
  5. Final advice or tips for those taking the tests


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