087: Credential Recognition and Other Challenges Faced by Newcomers

What this episode is about?

In this episode I connected with Robert Leong, and we talked about many challenges faced by newcomers in Canada. One of the biggest challenges is credential recognition and continuing to pursue your career in Canada. Many immigrants feel that their options are quite limited until they recognize their credentials and meet all other requirements necessary to find a job. This includes having relevant work experience in Canadian market and becoming fully integrated into the workforce. 

Robert shared his own personal experience with immigrating to Canada, and shared the challenges he had to go through while trying to find his niche. We also talked about whether immigration is a good choice for everyone and what it takes to become truly successful in a new country. 

Listen to this episode if you are thinking about immigrating to Canada or you just recently landed. We share many insights and you may find a lot of inspiration that will help you through the hard times. 

About today’s guest of the Canadian Immigration Podcast

Robert Y.C. Leong

Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Robert read law in England, and after being called to the Bar, returned to his native Singapore where he practised as an Advocate & Solicitor for about 15 years.

After immigrating to Canada, he was called to the Bar in B.C., and now practises exclusively in citizenship and immigration law.

Apart from handling all types of temporary and permanent resident applications, Robert has also assisted clients in immigration enforcement cases, and has appeared before various Divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board, the Federal Court, and the Federal Court of Appeal.

Besides English, he is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, and has appeared in various radio and TV programs discussing immigration issues of the day.

Robert has volunteers at pro bono legal clinics, speaks on immigration law at public libraries, and also sits on the board of a charity that helps to transform the lives of people with addiction. He’s also presented at various immigration law seminars for lawyers and for immigration consultants.

You can reach out to Robert via:


About the host of the Canadian Immigration Podcast

Mark Holthe is a Canadian Immigration Lawyer based in Lethbridge, Alberta. He has started his legal career with a large national law firm in Calgary where he initiated the business immigration practice at the firm. Since those early days, he has had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of law firm configurations before finally realizing that the best place for him was within the confines of an immigration boutique firm of his own making.

As a Canadian immigration lawyer, Mark has particular experience in assisting clients with all aspects of Canadian immigration law. He assists large national and multinational companies in navigating the complex world of Canadian immigration and provides strategic immigration advice to international and domestic companies seeking to recruit and retain foreign skilled and semi-skilled personnel.

Mark also assists temporary foreign workers with their transition to permanent resident status in Canada and over the past few years, he has taken great satisfaction in helping individuals and families with their various immigration related needs. Mark finds no greater satisfaction than helping to facilitate the reunification of families.

While attending law school, Mark worked as an Immigration officer for Citizenship and Immigration Canada on the Alberta/Montana border. While completing his final year of law school, he worked as a pro bono student to the Canada Border Services Agency Hearings Officers representing the minister before the Immigration Appeal Division in Calgary, Alberta. As a result of his prior experience as an immigration officer, Mark has been able to enhance the services he offers to his cross-border and overseas clients. Since that time, he has continued to work hard fostering positive relationships with the various immigration related government departments and has focused a significant portion of his practice on cross-border matters.

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