PGWP 18-Month Extension Course

This course will teach you all you need to know to prepare and submit your Post-Graduate Work Permit 18-Month Extension Application. We'll teach you how to fill out the immigration application forms, prepare and organize your supporting documents, and how to avoid the most common mistakes that result in refusals of applications.


The Course and the Masterclass*

$197 USD


✅ Get the video step-by-step PGWP 18-Month Extension guide that walks you from A to Z through preparation of the  application

✅ Get sample documents, worksheets, and templates

✅ Get access to the Masterclass* with 2 days of 1-hour long LIVE Q&A sessions with Mark Holthe:

  • *August 4, 2022 - 7 to 8 PM MDT
  • *August 15, 20222 - 6 to 7 PM MDT

✅ Get access to the Community Group where you can ask questions and engage with other subscribers


You should take this course if...


✅  You want to submit your own PGWP 18-Month Extension application OR if you're an Immigration Consultant, and want to advance your knowledge about the PGWP Extension application process

✅  You're not willing to spend thousands of dollars for a representative and want to Do It Yourself (DIY)

✅  You want to master the topic and retain full control of your application

✅  Need just a little guidance on how to prepare your application from an Immigration Lawyer*

*This is not legal advice. If you need legal advice applicable to your specific application consider booking a consultation with one of the Immigration Lawyers at 

You shouldn't take it if...


❌ You want a representative to prepare a PGWP 18-Month Extension Application and submit it for you  

❌ You're willing to spend thousands of dollars and relinquish control of your application to a representative

😉  But honestly... there is really no good reason why you shouldn't take this course.

Private Group and LIVE Masterclass with Mark Holthe

When you subscribe to the Course you'll get access to the Member Only Community Group where Immigration Lawyer and Former Immigration Officer Mark Holthe will host two 1-hour LIVE Masterclass sessions to answer your toughest questions about the PGWP 18-Month Extension application process. 

Perfect for Individual Applicants and Immigration Consultants

You don't have to have prior exposure to immigration law to take this Course. It is designed to help anyone to prepare their PGWP 18-Month Extension application. However, even if the course does not have answers to all of your questions you can still ask them during the LIVE Q&A sessions within the Masterclass.